Career Opportunities

Graduates from the college can be employed by various Academic Institutions, Research Institutes , public & private sectors, NGOs and self employment

Public Sector

Vice President's Office (Division of Environment), National Environment Management Council (NEMC), Ministry of Water, National Museum of Tanzania, Marine Parks & Reserves Unit, Tanzania Petroleum Development Cooperation (TPDC), Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock & Fisheries Development, Ministry of natural Resources and Tourism.

Inter-Governmental Agencies

Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation (LVFO), Lake Tanganyika Authority (LTA), United Nations organizations such as FAO, UNEP etc Non-Governmental / Civil Society Organisations Sea Sense, WWF, Envirocare, IUCN, etc

Private Sector

Food/Fish/Meat/Honey Processing Establishments, Fish Farming Companies, Food/ Fish/Meat/Honey Trade, Seed production and marketing

Self Employment

Opportunities are available in the Aquaculture Industry (e.g. Fish culture, Shellfish Culture, Seaweed Culture, Ornamental Fish Culture), Fish Trade Food, Processing and Seed production, Beekeeping, Diary farming etc.

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