CoAF staff have a wide experience in the fisheries, aquaculture, limnology, marine sciences and conservation of aquatic resources.

Presently the Department is actively involved in the following projects:

UDSM-FAST/MUN Project (S61268-49H) titled: "Sustaining Coastal Fishing Communities"

This six years (1 April 2004-31 March 2011) "$"Can 1 million project is implemented in Kilwa and Pangani Districts and operates under the University Partnerships in Cooperation and Development (UPCD) program and funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The project is managed jointly by the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) in Canada and the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Department of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries - DASF (formerly Faculty of Aquatic Sciences and Technology (FAST). Two other units participating in the implementation of this project are School of Jornalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) and Department of Sociology and Anthropology (DSA). The specific objectives of this project are 1) to enhance the aquatic sciences contribution of DASF, 2) to enhance the development support communications contribution of the SJMC, and 3) to enhance the capacity of the DSA to address institutional and community gender equity issues.

Key Results

Two Tanzanian students (male) have completed assessing selected fish stocks in the Indian Ocean under MUN/UDSM supervision, one for a MUN PhD (four year support), and the other for a UDSM M.Sc (two year support). Two fishermen have been trained in fish tagging, and assisted the PhD student. The project offered a six-month support to a UDSM PhD student to undertake short-term training in DNA analysis and gene sequencing at MUN. He has graduated and is now member of academic staff in DASF. Two UDSM MA sociology male students implemented household socio-economic surveys and collected thesis data in the Kilwa-area communities of Songosongo and Somanga with MUN/UDSM supervision. Both graduated in 2007. One is now an Assistant Lecturer in the DSA. Two UDSM MA sociology

female students have also finished thesis research in the same communities on sociological aspects of fin fish fisheries and seaweed cultivation and marketing. One is now an Assistant Lecturer in Dodoma University. The SJMC video facility is operational following receipt of a digital production and editing suite, and related training. Two training /informational videos on fisheries issues have been produced, used in the B.Sc. Fisheries and Aquaculture. Footage shot in the Kilwa area was used to prepare video programs on several socio-economic issues facing residents of impoverished coastal villages. Audio material collected was used to produce the first ten broadcasts of a program 'Voices of the Coast' (Sauti ya Pwani) which debuted in March 2007 on UDSM Radio Mlimani. The feasibility of introducing development support communications content into the SJMC B.A. programs continues to be assessed.

International papers, posters and presentations on fisheries-related gender and community issues have brought the project and the issues to a wide audience. A short training course on the taxonomy and curation of fish collections has been given, providing important knowledge for the possible development of a national type-collection and displays, inter alia by the National Museum of Tanzania. Equipment and materials provided for DASF include a four-wheel drive vehicle (Toyota-Prado) and a 20ft vessel equipped with solar powered habitat mapping and fish tracking devices

NUFUTZ-2007/10227 project titled: "Coastal fisheries of Tanzania: the challenges of globalisation to resources management, livelihoods and governance".

This is a cooperation project funded by Norad-NUFU and implemented jointly by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) in Norway and the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Department of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries. Project duration is four years starting from 5th September 2007 and ending in 31st December 2011. Other units of UDSM participating in the implementation of this project are Institute of Marine Sciences in Zanzibar (IMS), Department of Sociology and Anthropology (DSA), and Economic Research Bureau (ERB).

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